Florence de Chastenay

Florence de Chastenay settled more than forty years ago near the Pantheon, in this district she loves, frequented by academics and Normaliens. She created an original bookshop, devoted to sulphurous subjects: esotericism, magic, occultism, Freemasonry. She still feels gratitude for the advice she received from two bookstores who are now missing, Lucien Scheler and François Chamonal, advice which she still has in mind.

 Born to an Italian mother, she speaks perfect Italian and knows the ancient book market beyond the Alps well. A scholar in her specialty, however, she strives for continuous improvement and recognizes that nothing pleases her more than discovering a book unknown to her. Are these his Italian origins? his fiery temperament humorously supports the "league of women booksellers", certainly small, but united by real complicity.

 If you pass by the rue Gay-Lussac, enter to present your wishes to him. She will look at you over her glasses and, if you are lucky, she will go behind a mysterious passage to find you, not perlimpimpin powder, but a curious little book of which she has the secret.

 Librairie Florence de Chastenay, 76, Rue Gay Lussac F-75005 PARIS

 Phone. : +33 1 43 54 05 78

 Opening hours: Mon - Sat 12 a.m. - 7 p.m., closed in August